Come drum with us!

The joy of cooperative music making. The challenge of mastering complex rhythms. The power of tradition. Discover all this and more in classes at Studio Kereya—where drumming is our passion.

Studio Kereya opens its doors to musicians of all levels and abilities. We work with experienced drummers, as well as those who have yet to meet their first djembe. Read on to learn about our classes for adults in Maine and New Hampshire. Or click here to learn about opportunities for children through our school programs. We hope to see you soon!

Weekly Classes

Learn about the role of music in traditional and contemporary Malinke culture. Work on both djembe and dunun parts; an ensemble “break” and individual solos are also covered. This class is fine-tuned to the individuals in the class; the goal is for students to be challenged at their own level. Sessions run for four weeks.

Current Offerings

Level: Beginner - Intermediate; advanced players always welcome
Date & Time: Wednesdays (6:45 - 8:45 pm)
Cost: $20
Location: Kittery Dance Hall, Kittery, ME

Level: Beginner
Session: July 24th till August 28th
Date & Time: Tuesdays (7:30 - 8:30 pm)
Cost: $10 drop in or $50 for all 6 classes
Location: Awakening Grace Yoga, Epping, NH

Seminar Classes

Typical seminar classes cover at least one traditional Malinke rhythm and include solos and ensemble “breaks.” A great deal of material is covered in these classes, at a much faster rate than in a weekly class, and a recording device is strongly recommended. Seminars are held on weekends and run from 2-6 hours.

Current Offerings

Give us a call to schedule a seminar near you!

Facilitated Drum Circles

These community events are designed to bring people together to celebrate rhythm, to experience the joy of West African music making—in short, to have a great time together! My role is to help the community of drummers learn to listen and respond to one another, as well as to guide individual musicians as they find their own unique modes of expression.

Current Offerings

Wakefield, NH Drumcircle
Level: All levels
Date & Time: Saturday,July 18th (3:00 - 4:00 pm)
Location: Turntable Park, Sanbornville, NH

Milton Mills, NH Drumcircle
Level: All levels
Date & Time: Saturday,July 25th (3:00 - 4:00 pm)
Location: Wombat Park, Milton Mills, NH

Give us a call to schedule a drum circle near you!

Djembe Class

Kereya means persistence in Bambara, a West African language spoken primarily in Mali, where drum rhythms have defined the lives of the people for generations. Studio Kereya celebrates the thrill of drumming, the energy of creation, the joy of community—the exhilaration that comes from persistence.