djembes and dununs

Creation. Cooperation. Transformation.

At Studio Kereya, we've discovered a secret: drumming is magic! Step inside and feel the beat. Look around and see the faces. Sit down and join the circle. Be part of the creation. Watch the transformation. Find your own rhythm!

What We Offer: Studio Kereya opens its doors to musicians of all levels and abilities. In our classes, we work with experienced drummers, as well as those who have yet to meet their first djembe. We also work closely with schools, sharing the rich benefits of music-making and rhythmic education with young people. And don’t miss our performances, lively celebrations of rhythm and dance.

Djembe, Dununs, Talking Drum and More.

Kereya means persistence in Bambara, a West African language spoken primarily in Mali, where drum rhythms have defined the lives of the people for generations. Studio Kereya celebrates the thrill of drumming, the energy of creation, the joy of community—the exhilaration that comes from persistence.